The search giant Google has finally updated its hamburger emoji in the latest Android 8.1 OS update, modifying the order of cheese which is now placed atop the patty, as opposed to underneath it in the current version.

According to a report published in The Verge on Wednesday, the latest OS will come with a distinct and enhanced cheeseburger emoji in which the cheese is placed atop the patty, as opposed to underneath it.

Credit goes to Emojipedia to spot it before any other else.

There was a great debate going in social media circles about the placement of cheese in Android’s and Apple’s burger emojis. Google also served ‘Android burgers’ to its employees earlier this month at its Seattle office.

The burger served to Google employees was the exact reflection of Android’s burger emoji. Interestingly, the slice of cheese is placed beneath the patty and atop the lower bun, which ignited heated controversy earlier this month over the correct ingredient order of America’s beloved staple.

The debate was sparked after Thomas Baekdal, a writer, and media analyst tweeted on the placement of cheese in Android and Apple burger emojis.

While responding his tweet,  Google’s CEO Pichai tweeted, promising to “drop everything” and address the issue if people on the platform agree on what the correct placement of ingredient should be.

“Google, with its lettuce on top, seems to be on the right track here,” the report said.

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