Google Chrome holds up almost the biggest market share for the browsers for a long time. Recently an update is noticed which might become a problem or cause of query for the users. Google updated Chrome in a way that its interface becomes more mobile friendly.

Initially, it was an optional update which people didn’t like much. Most of the users were not ready to adopt the mobile interface feel even on the browser. But now an automatic update is becoming a problem for users. Back then people had the option to update or not update but now it’s becoming compulsory.

The Criticisms

The reason behind not accepting Chrome 71’s update is not one but two. One is the interface, people don’t want to experience browser in a mobile-friendly interface. The update is reflecting back in a negative way. Obviously, Google would have thought to make the whole world mobile friendly, as per the modern era, but not everything deserves the same.

The second reason is the look, the aesthetics of the browser. The updates are not only restricted to the software or interface but looks are also affected. Google Chrome 71 is coming up with light colors. The color scheme is going to be applied to all the properties. That’s the new policy and probably an update everyone has to deal with. Light colors are not the issue, but due to these colors, the text’s visibility became less. And that’s the actual concern. The tab and other important concerns are difficult to distinguish. People are not liking this new Chrome 71 at all and the concern is genuine as Google Chrome occupies a huge market share.

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