Google Chrome’s ready to set up a different trend this time. They have already launched this idea of blocking spam ads last year in USA, Canada, and Europe. And now the plan is to count the whole world into this. The announcement to make this worldwide is recently announced by Google. And the implementation is said to be made by 9th July 2019.

Google is working on these irritating pop-ups or auto-playing videos which do not attract users at all. The aim of this feature is to make the quality of the ads better. And the action taken against these sites is not sudden. A proper warning is given before blocking the ads, with that the websites get a chance of filtration too.

Actual Purpose of Chrome:

What Google is striving for is not to have an ad-free world or websites which has no ads at all. But they want the ads to be worthy, with a proportion of importance. In the words of Google itself, “The ultimate goal is not to filter ads, but to build a better web for everyone, everywhere”

The ads which are supposed to be filtered or removed from sites will include pop-up ads, autoplay video ads with sound, and large sticky ads.



The reports state that Google will give 30 days warning for websites to get rid of those spam ads. And if even after passing of these days, the action is not taken, only then Google will come up with their action.

It can only be hoped that it will turn out to be positive for Google Chrome. Many marketers are already criticizing this update. While others are appreciating who are already in the list of useful ads. The date is announced, the actual reaction of users and marketers is still pending though.

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