Chrome OS has another new launcher in testing that is focused on making the OS more open to users of touchscreen gadgets, and that new launcher is as of now accessible to people in general in the Chrome OS Canary channel. The new launcher incorporates a full-screen application drawer, open through a swipe upwards, alongside the moving of the standard Google search bar down to the bottom of the screen. Alongside that Google search bar, a selection of proposed applications is included at the bottom of the screen. Swiping up from here will convey you to an upgraded application drawer that will look greatly similar to anyone who has used Android before. The Google search bar looks the web, as well as scans for projects and records on a gadget, and it is where the conversation box for Google Assistant sits as well.

The individuals who need to experiment with the new launcher should guarantee that their gadget is on the most recent version of Chrome OS Canary, at that point they can go into the Chrome Flags menu, where turning on “enable-fullscreen-app-list” will give the user the new launcher.

As expressed above, users should be on the most up to date Canary version of Chrome OS for the present keeping in mind the end goal is to experiment with this element, and there’s no word on when it could make it into the Stable channel. To roll out the change to Canary, you’ll initially need to enable Developer Mode.

Watch the video below to have a Chrome OS touch-focused initial look:



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