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Google Chrome’s built-in Ad blocker is active as of today and there is no need to activate it either! All devices with Chrome installed will run the Ad blocker by default. Google has always been keen on improving the online experience of its users but, obviously, needs advertisements to have something for all parties, brands and itself. They were in this pursuit by running Google Adsense, which blocks annoying websites from displaying in your face ads such as pop-ups and other tricks.

With Chrome’s new blocker these non-compliant sites will deal with a heavy loss in revenue which, Google hopes, will result in the death of these ads. Chrome’s ad blocker is not very different from the available plug in’s around the internet. The URL is checked against a list of sites that are known to fail the Better Ads Standards. Scripts and images are then checked for patterns associated with ad placements if a site is flagged.

Credits: The Verge

Adsense ads will be blocked by Chrome’s ad blocker in case of violation of the standards set in place for promoting a less disruptive user experience.

Are you using Chrome after the Ad block update? Do you feel the difference? Let us know in the comments below!

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