Considering that Google Maps is one of the widely-used app in the major countries of the world, it is a bit ironic that this app by the Google company did not support any other language except English.

As the use of this app is increasing day by day, Google Maps has made a smart move and has introduced 39 new languages in the app. Google Maps will not only broaden its reach by this action, but will also widen the use of it.


The Google company announced in a blog post that they have introduced a new update in Google Maps and said that the service will now be available in 39 more languages.

These languages include Albanian, Burmese, Czech, Danish, Filipino, Finnish, Indonesian, Mongolian, Malay, Persian, Swedish, Turkish, Vietnamese, and many others. These languages are widely spoken and are currently being used by more than a billion people around the globe.

Google Maps by the Google company looked very different fourteen years ago when the service was started. With continuous new updates and improved changes, the app is becoming a heaven for every person. Also, the app was available only in English back then.

To become one of the most widely used app all around the world, Google Maps will have to introduce more languages in it keeping in mind that the Ethnologue catalogue recorded nearly 7,000 living languages that are being spoken globally at the moment. Although Google Maps has tried to add 39 major languages in the update, it will still be less for the people.

Also, the languages are now available in Google Maps for both iOS and the Android phones.

The Google company has brought some serious updates to the Maps in 2018. The prominent feature that was brought to the Maps is that Google Maps now shows restaurant waiting times of over a million restaurant for the people. This update was considered one of the coolest updates this year.

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