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Fake news is in the air and leading social media platforms are working as leaf blowers.

Nevertheless, the tech-giant, Google Company is ready to invest big numbers in organizations, that are working to fight fake news.

Google Company said that it will invest 300 million dollars in organizations who are fighting the common sin (fake news) and hoping to promote genuine news.

Fake News Fiasco and Google Company’s Stance:

The term “yellow journalism,” was used to point out negative, sinful and unacceptable journalism. But with social media’s availability, another term came up a few years ago. The term ‘fake news,” signifies the “worst form of journalism,” well, it’s not even journalism.

Leading social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter are the main accused:

This year, Facebook was accused of promoting fake news in order to regain its lost traffic.

According to NewYork Times, when Facebook divided its newsfeed into two sections, the social media giant witnessed major lost in users’ traffic. In order to increase and regain the traffic, Facebook was boosting fake news.

Another accused social media network is Twitter. People were not only blaming the social media platform for promoting Fake news, but Twitter users’ saw fingers coming towards them for loving and promoting fake news.

According to the latest analysis by MIT, fake news is widely spread on Twitter as compared to the genuine news.

More than 4.5 million tweets were responsible for spreading fake news from 2006 to 2007, according to MIT analysis.

Another research regarding Twitter showed that fake news is 70 percent more likely to be retweeted on Twitter than true news. Chief Business Officer of Google Company Says That the Company is working “closely with the news industry to drive sustainable growth”.

Journalism can be seen on social media more as compared to print media, therefore to maintain its ethics and standard, Google is ready to make big investments and major steps.

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