Google is now working above the grounds of just smart touch. Google accomplished the possibility of controlling devices through hand gestures and from a distance. The work started in 2015, with the name of ‘Project Soli’.

This project aimed for high accuracy and better results. Touching directly on screen was not what they were working for. The tests were conducted on the not-so-common attribute. Other gestures were used, like rubbing of fingers to control devices, specifically smartwatches or smart speakers.

They have used a radar sensor which can help in turning on the speaker by simply moving fingers closer to the device. Or just by moving hands in a particular way.

Obstacles Faced With Touch-less Gestures:

Initially, the project was more towards a failure. The expected results were not there. Even recommended hand motions were not giving the accurate outcome. Very limited actions got recognition by the devices.

Google re-worked on this feature, as this was the main distinguishable property they worked on. With the permission of FCC, Google got access to higher radar levels. Certain giants criticized this. But with mutual discussions, Google agreed to lower power levels than it was demanding for before.

Finally, the time passed and on 31st December, Google got complete approval from FCC to keep moving forward with this project. As this was for the public interest and will take the technology to another level.

Google has now successfully worked on smartwatches, speakers and displays which can be used with just the finger or hand gestures. The technology world is moving forward more than what we imagined. These touchless devices will be the future and Google might be the pioneer of this. The products which will be introduced by Google are not yet disclosed. Even the operation of tiny functions will become easy. An announcement from Google, about the products, is now a matter of curiosity.

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