The news of Google hiring an Indian teenager appears to be a misunderstanding of the kid. Google claims that it has never offered any paid internship nor any job to Harshit.

He’s been traumatized after learning that it was nothing but a hoax. On July 29th, public relation department of Chandigarh Administration issued an official release about him when his school’s Principal (Indra Beniwal) sent Harshit’s “Achievement” letter to the department.

“He came to me informing that Google has called him about the offer,” Beniwal said.

Harshit mother claims that she thought the offer was valid since it had got viral over the internet.

“Harshit got a phone call. We did not believe it at first. I kept telling him it could be a hoax,” she said.

“He shared the information with his school principal, who further released a press note, which led to media coverage.”

“We thought the principal has some confirmation.”

Apparently, on Tuesday Google denied that it didn’t offer any job with insane figures.

“Doctors say he is traumatized. Those who were congratulating us are now taunting us,” said his mother.

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