Google strives for something outclass every now and then to reach new levels of excellence in the Tech World. And this time, it’s coming audible!

The giant tech introduces audiobooks in Google Play, which means you can now listen to them with Google Home.

Google’s audiobooks have surprises for its users: No subscription fee and more!

The new creation doesn’t require a subscription fee and can be purchased individually. Amazon’s Audible service costs $14.95 per month after a free 30-day trial. And this gets users get a free credit for a book each month and 30% off additional titles.

The Google play books are all set to kick off in 45 countries and nine languages. The company is currently offering discounts on popular titles like Michael Wolff’s “Fire and Fury “and Stephen King’s “It.” Google is also giving you 50% off your first purchase.

How will Audiobooks enhance your reading routine?

Audiobooks will help you in overcoming the frequent interruptions you face while reading your books, this means, you can now listen to audiobooks on all your devices while effortlessly switching between them. You can pick up your device and listen to your book while driving or have a better reading experience in your bedroom.

No more worrying about interruptions or skipping a beat!

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