Google has come up with a camera, under Google’s AI-powered camera too. Previously, it was able to recognize 250,000 items with its lens. And now the number has raised to an extent that goes to over a Billion items! Within a year this innovation has to lead to such a high level of accuracy.

The advancement took place after Google Lens’ Optical Character recognition engine worked further on reading labels of more products. The Google Lens initially recognized names of several products. More photos from phones also helped in testing and feeding more data.

The feature originated and gave a figure of Billion objects by calculations generated through Google Shopping. This obviously covers almost everything the world offers. Unless the item is old enough and is difficult for recognition even at the ancient times too. Or any rare book which is not even recognizable now, but the probability is quite low of non-identification. Most certainly, Google Lens understands all the objects users are looking for.

Google Lens is not only restricted to specific shopping items but can recognize other things too. This includes people, various geometric shapes and wifi network names along with the other old specifications it was providing.

What Else?

The wifi related feature, where a mobile phone could get connected to the wifi automatically by simply capturing a snap of the router was introduced by Google back then in 2017 at I/O. And now, this year the feature has enhanced with an ability to pinch in a business card information in one’s smartphone’s contact list by only capturing a picture of that card. Basically, Google is trying to provide its users the best of the experience they could get while accessing it, and with what that can serve most convenience.

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