A number of new features were found in the latest version  9.60 of Google Maps, including picture-in-picture for navigation, the ability for local guides to post videos, food reviews, and more. The new feature Picture-in-Picture functionality has now been available after initially entering a key code, but it seems like the feature will be rolled out to the public soon.

On the Pixel User Community within Google’s Product Forums (via Android Police),  Community Manager Orrin posted to address the fact that Google knows that PiP still isn’t available to many users, but that will change soon.

In his post, Orrin said:

“Maps PiP functionality is rolling out over the next couple of weeks, and everyone should be able to access it soon by hitting the home button during navigation.”

Moreover, Orrin also said that Google is “looking into the other issues reported here as well.”

Picture-in-picture feature is available in a variety of multiple apps on Android 8.0, and with Google Maps, pressing the home button while in navigation mode will narrow your route down to a small square atop your home screen so you can do other tasks on your phone while still knowing where you are going to. So, this idea doesn’t seem good while driving, but yes, if your passenger needs to do something, it might be a good idea.

Unfortunately, we don’t have much use for Google PiP navigation for now, but that might change soon.


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