There is no escape from the reality that artificial intelligence is our future. But Google seems to take it one step ahead by deciding to teach people more about artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Recently, Google has launched a new website ‘Learn With Google AI’ which helps to learn machine concepts, artificial intelligence and developing a skill to operate and understand machines.

Image Source: The Verge

Technical Program Manager Zuri Kemp stated on the Company’s Blog,

” AI can solve complex problems and has the potential to transform entire industries, which means it’s crucial that AI reflect a diverse range of human perspectives and needs.That’s why part of Google AI’s mission is to help anyone interested in machine learning succeed – from researchers to developers and companies, to students,”

The website also offers a complete course called Machine Learning Crash Course in these regards. The course provides conceptual exercises, instructional videos and strong visual content on the topic of Machine learning.

The duration of the whole course is almost 15 hours and developed for the people with no prior knowledge of machine learning.


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