A few days ago, we’ve seen the first look of Google Pixel XL2. Now there is some news coming from sources about some of the key features of Google’s upcoming flagship.

According to a report published in XDA-developers, the newbie phone will have a squeezable frame and an always-on screen. We’d already heard rumors about the squeezable sides to control aspects of the phone, similar to HTC U11.

“A source familiar with the matter” speaking to XDA-developers has revealed the functionality compatible with squeezing feature. You can launch Google Assistant with a squeeze, whether the screen is on or off. The feature will be user-adjustable. It means the user can adjust the sensitivity intensity threshold, so you can set the comfortable level of pressure to activate it. The functionality of squeezing feature won’t be restricted just to use Google assistant, there is a possibility that this feature will also offer the accessibility to silence calls.

The next feature we get to know about is the screen. As per available information, it would be a 5.99 or 6.0-inch OLED one supplied by LG, it would have an always-on feature, so you can see key information like notifications and the time even when the screen is otherwise off, similar to Samsung Galaxy S8.

Sources, revealing features, also said that the UI’s color palette will use the darker theme that’s been seen in earlier Android O developer previews, rather than the light theme that’s popped up in a more recent one. The new system font is also expected.

However, there is no authenticity of this information, but XDA-developers claims to be pretty much confident about the certainty of the information provided by their reliable sources.

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