Googles phone the pixel is a winner in smartphones. With its sleek design, high resolution camera and fast processor it is a great investment. The pixel is remarkably intuitive and easy to live with. It has three color options Just Black, Clearly White and Not Pink.

The pixel three is more accessible, you can reach all corners of the screen using just one hand which means that there is more convenience. The google pixel has a cute minimalist design with no flashy sparkly colors and draws little attention. It also uses an all glass construction which enables the google pixel to charge wirelessly! This is a huge thing because it means no more tangled wires and no more lying down in a certain position just so you can charge your phone and use it. (The struggle is real)

Pixel has also introduced dual lenses with a wide range that packs more details in your images. Pixel takes portraits better than the iPhone XS and that is a win for people who love taking pictures of themselves. There is stronger color and contrast however pixel gives google a run for it money when it competes with the triple lens S10 with the high definition and resolution however the pixel still performs better than the iphone XS in selfies.

However the most revolutionary feature that pixel has is call screening. Pixels call screening with artificial intelligence helps you screen calls to protect you from stalkers, weirdoes and robots so you get much less spam and you don’t have to worry about anything. Its that rare feature on pixel phones that works well and makes a lot of sense. The battery life is pretty decent too, the pixel has 8 hours of battery life under usage which is great!

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