Five billion is a major number. If you consolidate the population of the main 10 most-populated nations on Earth, you get not as much as that number. The top of the line gaming console ever, the PlayStation 2, just sold units to cover 3.2% of five billion. Google Play Services has now passed five billion downloads on the Play Store, turning into the primary application to do as such.

In case you’re not comfortable with how the Play Store functions, take note of that Play Services hasn’t really been physically downloaded that multiple occassions. When somebody signs into an Android gadget with their Google account, Google Play denotes the pre-introduced applications as downloads. So actually, this implies more than five billion gadgets with Play Services introduced were utilized eventually.

This lines up with Google’s claim made at Google I/O, where the organization said there were two billion dynamic Android gadgets. It’s not clear if Google’s claim was just checking gadgets with Play Services, in light of the fact that there are numerous more phones and tablets without Google’s suite of programming (particularly in nations like China).

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