Throughout the years, Google has included various features regarding crowdsourced information to enhance local discovery in Maps and Search. The most recent attempt includes including a question and answer section specifically to postings in Maps and mobile Search.

Opening a professional listing in either Google Maps or Search now uncovers another “Questions and Answers” section. Here, users can see past inquiries and ask their own, with entries attached to their public Google Account. Both regular users and business people can reply, with the last group able to pin regularly made inquiries and great answers.

Choosing where to go and what to do, we frequently ask ourselves bundles of inquiries before settling on a choice. Before long, you’ll have the capacity to post those inquiries, find the solutions you require, and significantly answer other individuals’ inquiries regarding places on Google Maps for Android and mobile Search.

. After “Ask[ing] the group” an inquiry, users will get notified when they get an answer.Meanwhile, business people and “in-the-know users” that may have good answers will be pinged.

Questions and answers in Google Maps is now rolled out worldwide to Google Maps on all stages, yet just to mobile Search and not desktop. The recent addition to the developing corpus of data found in Knowledge Cards, with past options including popular times and highlights.

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