It’s been only three hours since Google’s Pixel 2 event wrapped up — but if you’re planning to buy one and haven’t gotten around to it yet, you’re already late enough to be on the waiting list.

Many models of the Pixel 2 and every model of the Pixel 2 XL have already seen their delivery dates slip past the phone’s October 19th launch date. Here’s the current situation in the Google Store:


Black 64GB: In stock.
Black 128GB: In stock.
White 64GB: 5-6 weeks.
White 128GB: 2-3 weeks
Blue 64GB: 6-7 weeks


Black 64GB: 2-3 weeks
Black 128GB: 2-3 weeks
White 64GB: out of stock, waitlist
White 128GB: out of stock, waitlist.

The situation isn’t great. If you want the smaller Pixel you might be fine, but anyone interested in the larger model is going to have to wait.

There is another option, though: Verizon is also selling the Pixel 2 and 2 XL, and it has a bit more availability: all models of the Pixel 2 are currently in stock for October 19th delivery; both capacities of the black 2 XL are pushed back only a week, to October 25th; and both capacities of the white 2 XL are pushed to November 1st. That’s still a delay, but it’s not quite as bad.

It’s no huge surprise to see a phone selling out during its pre-order period — Apple does it quickly every single year, and in much, much larger numbers. But in this case, it’s not a great sign for Google. Google had a surprisingly hard time keeping the original Pixel in stock pretty much all year long, and we’ve been waiting to see if it would do better this time around. The company even made a joke about its troubles on stage.

But early signs suggest that Google is going to have about as much trouble this year. It’s possible that Pixel 2 preorders were placed in far higher numbers than Google anticipated — but the Pixel, ultimately, isn’t all that popular yet. So there’s a good chance that this is just a first sign of stocking troubles for the Pixel 2.

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