Taking one step further in the hyper local news phenomenon, Google has now confirmed testing an app called “Bulletin” for the purpose. According to the sources in Google, the app lets anyone publish some news which they think might be interesting or worthy enough to be known around the world. The process can be done simply by the phone without any login into a website or any other cyber platforms or medium such as blogs or pages. All one would have to do is to publish the news on web by taking pictures or just writing it down as an article.

image source: google image

For now the App is only available to a limited part of the world which includes Nashville, Tennessee and Oakland, California. But soon it will be available for the rest of the world.

In regard of the matter, google has released a statement on Friday, saying,

Bulletin is a free, lightweight app for telling a story by capturing photos, videoclips and text right from your phone, published straight to the web (without having to create a blog or build a website). If you are comfortable taking photos or sending messages, you can create a Bulletin story!

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