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The chaos and pressures of daily life has rendered a major section of the population struggling to sleep. Growth in mental disorders and insomnia has created a demands for home-based therapy and solutions. From thousands of ASMR based channels on YouTube to albums with chill/lo-fi music, people are looking to the Internet for audial triggers. Google Home, Google’s smart speaker, is now helping thousands worldwide sleep in peace or simply relax through sounds by playing ambient and white sounds.

A simple voice command such as “Google, play white noise” or “Google, I want to relax,” will activate the Google Assistant in your Home to search the web for relaxing sounds such as rainfall or fingers tapping on different surfaces. All three variations of Google Home i.e. Mini, regular and Max can play white noise for you.

Credits: Bandwagon


Google Home can play the following sounds for you:


Relaxing sounds

Nature sounds

Water sounds

Running water sounds

Outdoor sounds

Babbling brook sounds

Oscillating fan sounds

Fireplace sounds

Forest sounds

Country sounds

Ocean sounds

Rain sounds

River sounds

Thunderstorm sounds

White noise


Will you be playing some ambient sounds from your Google Home to help you relax on those stressful nights? Let us know in the comments below!

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