Google has launched its new app that finds the accurate Qiblah direction on your smartphone, using augmented reality, to help Muslims pray wherever they are without any ambiguities to find the accurate direction to the Qibla, Mecca.

The company said that this feature is the most recent in the latest updates, especially to help Muslims around the globe in the month of Ramadan, but it will be available even after the month.

The app uses phone’s camera along with the user’s location to point towards the Qibla direction.  The service is available for all smartphone devices having the feature of a built-in compass.

Android users will be having the app with augmented reality technology that uses the phone camera to draw a clear blue line pointing towards the direction of the Qibla. However, iOS users won’t be having the app with augmented reality i.e. a blue line will show up to display the correct direction to the Qiblah from your current location.

Visit // to avail the service on the desktop browser.



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