A couple of reports recently have nullified all the early rumors about Google’s next Pixel smartphones that it would be the first devices powered by a brand new processor from Qualcomm.

Earlier, It was suggested that both the Pixel 2 and the larger Pixel 2 XL, rumored to debut on October 5th, would contain the Snapdragon 836 and offer a small performance upgrade over the Snapdragon 835 found in top-tier 2017 Android phones including the Samsung Galaxy S8, OnePlus 5, Moto Z2 Force, LG V30, and Galaxy Note 8. But you know what? the yet-to-be-announced Snapdragon processor doesn’t actually exist. It’s not a real thing for now.

The upcoming Pixel handsets — reportedly manufactured by HTC (regular Pixel 2) and LG (XL model) — won’t have a Snapdragon 836 as their hardware specs. Instead, it’s far likelier that both will basically adhere to the 835. That’s also backed by a recent FCC filing for the Pixel 2, which essentially confirmed that at least the smaller phone would use the same processor as most other flagships released this year.

Whatever the case, both stories seem fairly confident that Qualcomm isn’t working on any Snapdragon 836 processor.

With last year’s original Pixels, Google got first dibs on the Snapdragon 821, which offered a bit enhancement over the 820 processor inside most other premium Android phones at the time. But apparently, despite Google’s late-in-the-year release timeframe, that fresh silicon advantage won’t repeat this time around. However, that’s not a big deal, considering what a great performer the Snapdragon 835 has proven itself to be and how fast the first Pixels remain to this day, this development will not disappoint.

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