There is no doubt Pakistan’s literacy rate is below par as compare to neighbors country with a 5 million children out of school, but what if when well educated society conduct oneself below par as of any civilized society.

Recent incident in Lahore between PIC Doctors and Lawyers is an example of that when little issue becomes big one, just like street boys fight between two group resulted in a conflict, it happens where society priorities are ego’s rather than humanity, in consequence grievance only innocent people faces that resulted at least 6 causalities of patients in recent incident with major facilities of PIC closed till date.

That occurs when Governance find itself inadequate, we can hear the slogan of police reforms, education reforms but let me allow to say that for none of each single bill is presented  in our Parliament House, which was expected form current government as it was the part of their agenda, Judiciary system need reforms itself too, cases are being resolved in decades, so how can the aggrieved person be justified, former high rank justice oneself endorsed that we have issues in our judiciary system needs improvement.

But dilemma is not end here if we look into our society people are unconformable with making complains to police just to avoid preceding of police to deal with, that needs reforms from scratch otherwise our big cities like Karachi and Lahore can go on top of the list crime ranks as Karachi is 61 at crime index report at 2019.

In current Government setup Including Our Prime Minster Mr.Imran Khan, some very Honest people who want to serve better for Pakistan but unfortunately due to hurdles of that corrupt system they becomes handicapped, we hope that Governance issues will be better resolved by currents setup and Pakistan will prosper.INSHA ALLAH


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