Job hunting has always been a challenge. Either it be a fresh grad or an experienced person who look for more and better opportunities than the previous one. The biggest challenge is to know what actually the company is calling for.

Linked-in, online career-oriented social network, has gathered significantly large data to make it easy for new grads and experienced people to mould themselves according to the preferred to successfully get their dream job.

These are the four skills top executives are searching for in 2017:

Bleeding-edge tech abilities

If you can acclimatized to new environments and changes easily, and have what it takes to be beyond a tech-savvy person, comfortable with working on new advancements and future ones, as well, then you are a definite fit.

“You hire people who have in the past been able to bend the curve on technology,” Verizon’s Senior Vice President and Chief Talent and Diversity Officer Magda Yrizarry told LinkedIn. “So you have confidence that they are not beholden to the past, that they can create the future.”

Propensity to lead change

Top companies are looking for those who have the ability to be challenging as well as prone to new ideas and technological advancements.

Urge to learn

Voracious hunger for learning, questioning, and reasoning is always going to boost up your existing knowledge and can be served as a skill. “You must have an insatiable curiosity about what’s changing and how, and stay current. Otherwise, you’re going to be left behind.”  Ardine Williams, Amazon Web Services’ vice president of global talent acquisition, told LinkedIn.

Field-specific skills

Your chosen field can be a big domain. You can always make field-specific skills your expertise that you can highlight on your resume. Below is the detailed chart for the field-specific skills that are the most in demand.

Linked in

Highest-Paying entry level jobs (2017)

1. Investment Banking Analyst: $105,000 median total compensation

2. Data Scientist: $93,500 median total compensation

3. Hardware Engineer: $90,000 median total compensation

4. Software Engineer: $80,000 median total compensation

5. Equity Research Analyst: $79,500 median total compensation

Best Companies for Big Growth:


Despite all the buzz about Uber’s case, the company is still the best for growth and advancement opportunities with a 20 percent increase in the growth rate in the last year, specifically in the area of operations, engineering, and marketing.


Retail giant company had 35% increase in growth rate over the past two years. Hiring is on upswing between the months of May and October, so don’t miss the opportunity and head to make your career.


The company’s HR Department has been doubled in size in last 12 months, and there are around 1,000 jobs opening in the firm in the US.

Best Companies to Stay With:


The average tenure for employees here at Coco-Cola is atleast eight years. If you’re looking forward to stay committed to the company for a while, you may want to check out the openings at Coke.


The average tenure for employees at the firm is more than 5 years.


Starbucks, your morning starter for sure, but it’s more than that. It has the average tenure of almost 5 years, and its well-known community culture probably be the reason for employees to be loyal for long.






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