The days are long gone when every social media app had its own distinct features that felt good in its own way. Now, all they are doing is competing to take over each other in any way possible, even by copying each other’s features exactly the way they are without bringing any new innovations to it.


Snapchat brings out another exciting update!

Snapchat is bringing out a few amazing features later this week for both iOS and Android users!

The first feature coming out is ‘Mentions’ feature that will let all Snapchat app users to tag their friends in the snaps they upload on their stories. This new Snapchat update was rumored to come out since March and it has finally been announced. To tag a friend in your Snapchat story, type @ with their username on the picture and you’re good to go! The friend you have tagged will receive a notification once you tag him.

The second feature coming out later this week as the new Snapchat update will now allow all users to video chat with up to 16 Snapchat buddies at once. This means that you can practically have a conference call on Snapchat with your best friends. If your group is bigger than 16 people, then you can easily quit the video call option and opt for a voice call which will allow you to call 32 people at once. Also, just like Whatsapp’s new update, you can easily switch from video to voice call without actually cutting it.

And if you’re wondering about whether you will be able to use Snapchat’s famous filters and effects during the calls then the answer is yes! The new Snapchat update will let you use them within the call and enjoy it with your friends. But, choose a good one because you bud might screenshot your picture in a funny filter and that might ruin your life!

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