While most entrepreneurs tend to think that it can take a lot of money to establish and scale up their online business there are several ways by which you can minimize the impact on your budget and compete successfully with the big players without needing a fortune at your disposal. Some tips from those who have made it big without a big budget:

Select the Most Appropriate Website Platform

One of the gravest mistakes that owners of online businesses make is to select a platform that is not suitable for building the website. An incorrect selection not only leads to wastage of time, effort, and money but also restricts the growth potential of the business. Most online businesses are built using WordPress; according to statistics, 31% of all websites, including for large businesses use WordPress, which makes it the world’s most popular website builder. To get started, you need to not only have a valid domain name but also a web hosting account on any web hosting service. You can get a large variety of hosting plans from different hosting companies; each of them has its own cost that will need to be factored into the cost of business operations. Ideally, you should start off with a low-cost basic service plan and keep on upgrading as the business grows.

Choose a Functional but Simple Website Design

It is not an uncommon belief that unless the website is professionally designed customers will not think that the business is a professional one. However, getting websites designed by professionals can be extremely expensive and often beyond the means of most online entrepreneurs. One of the reasons why WordPress is the world’s most popular platform is that it makes available a large variety of themes completely free of cost to enable business websites to be designed quickly and simply. Even if you choose one of the premium themes, you can do the job at a fraction of the cost. Building the website is really easy as completely custom designs can also be made using the drag-and-drop WordPress page builders that do not entail writing any code at all. Some of the most popular debt consolidation ratings websites are designed on very simple lines but generate large volumes of traffic. According to https://www.forbes.com, mobile e-commerce is dominating online sales; thus, you should not forget to optimize your website for mobile devices.

Make It Simple for Website Visitors to Contact You

When visitors visit your website, they may have a number of queries since they are not familiar with your business or the products that you offer. While you should make your website content as comprehensive as possible, it always helps to provide as many ways of contacting you as possible. In addition to the usual phone numbers and email, you should include a contact form that makes it very easy for visitors to jot down their queries and send them to you. While WordPress does not have a contact form built in, you can choose one of the many free contact form plugins using which you can very easily add the contact form feature to your WordPress website. Once you have grown your business to a stage where it is sustainable, you can add many more features like polls, payment forms, surveys, etc. with equal ease.

Commence Building an Email List

Lead generation is perhaps among the most difficult tasks that online businesses face. Even if you have managed to drive a lot of traffic to your website using good SEO practices, you will observe that there are many visitors who visit one by never return. You will also observe that some visitors seem to have genuinely liked your products but have abandoned their shopping carts. Normally, you will not know who these visitors were unless you have taken the trouble of asking them to register and submit their email addresses as a part of the registration procedure. Using the list of emails, you start a dialogue with people who you know are interested in your business and its offers. Email marketing is remarkably cost-effective and remains the marketing channel with the highest return on investment despite the huge popularity of social media.

Practice Effective Search Engine Optimization

As one of the millions of online businesses, it can be very difficult to get your business noticed by your target audience. While online advertising is definitely something that you can consider, you can end up blowing up large amounts of money even before you see much of a result. Search engine optimization, on the other hand, is a far more cost-effective method of generating organic traffic to your website. SEO comprises a number of techniques that make your website more discoverable by search engines like Google. When your website structure, as well as the content, is optimized for SEO, your pages will achieve a superior page ranking on Google search engine results page and will attract the attention of many more people. SEO can often be done without spending much money by tweaking the website for optimum performance.

Create a Content Marketing Strategy That Delivers Useful and Relevant Content

Content is at the heart of all online businesses; unless it is current, useful, and relevant to users looking for solutions, your website will not get the traffic that it needs for conversions and revenue generation. When visitors find the content to be engaging, they are likely to visit more often, spend longer time on the website, explore multiple pages, and genuinely bond with the business. Content creation should always be a strategic decision keeping in view of what your business is all about and what your visitors are looking to address. The good thing is that once you know what the content should address, creating it is not really a very expensive affair. By extending your content strategy to social media networks, you can get a larger reach and engage with a larger target audience so that you can drive them to your website. The quality of the content, as well as the posting schedule, can play a very important role in generating website traffic.


Online businesses have a lot of advantages compared with their brick-and-mortar counterparts who need to battle with large setup costs. If you plan your online business strategically, you can achieve a lot while keeping expenses to the minimum.


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