Are you from that lot who enjoys spending an immense portion of their time sitting on the comfiest spot of the couch in front of Netflix?! #MeToo. It feels like we are the certified masters of this amazing app which is a practical life savior in times when we feel cheesed off. (To be honest, that’s most of the time).

Netflix feels like home but one thing that many of us do not know about Netflix is that this internet Gorilla has many features which are completely undiscovered untouched by many. This great app has updated so many old features and come up with new to give you the best experience of entertainment right in the confines of your home.

If you are planning to start a new series today or binge-watch your favorite The Punisher tonight, halt with that and check out these hacks first to have an experience 10 times better.

Request a show!

You can actually request a show if you do not find it in their list. Send in a request in the ‘Help Centre’ where you have an option to enter up three titles. The app even responses if it cannot add your requests.

Binge-watch all you want.

Binge-watching has its own rewards. If you are a binge-watcher and hate the ’Are you still watching?’ message that pops up, just get the Chrome extension ‘Flix Assist’ and enjoy your binge-watching sesh in all its glory. Watch all the top Netflix movies with your loved ones to have the moments of your life.

Control the data usage

You can do this by making certain changes in the settings. Go to the Account>My Profile>Playback Settings. Now choose the data usage category you want.

Ditch the Moochers!

By now you must have spread your Netflix account password to half of your neighborhood. But you can totally keep them at bay by following a simple trick. Just go to My settings> sign out of all devices.

Watch with faraway friends.

By using services like Rabbit, you can share your desktop with a long distance person. This app lets you open a window on the screens of you and friend. Whatever activities are done there can be viewed by both.

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