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Hamid Mir in Breaking Point with Malick

I’m not a big fan of political talk shows but today I watched the show Breaking Point on Youtube, where the host Muhammad Malick had invited Kashif Abbasi and Hamid Mir, both conduct their own shows on prime time on the same slot on different TV channels, to discuss yesterday’s presser of Maryam Nawaz, lo and behold, Hamid Mir was more fiery and aggressive than any hardcore PMLN supporter.

I couldn’t believe a word he said, then I went over to Saddique Jan’s YouTube channel and fortunately, he dissected the whole program for me. Hamid Mir Sb lied 25 times according to Saddique Jan during the whole program. Even I noticed how he was jumping the gun, not letting Kashif Abbasi finish his arguments. Everyone of you needs to watch both these video programs, and decide for yourself. The man clearly has an agenda and his lies were caught and exposed by a young court reporter, and I salute young this young man for being so outspoken and letting Mir Sb know what journalism really is.

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Hamid Mir sb clearly lacks the ethics of journalism, he needs to burn his journalism degree, if any. Mind you, Saddique Jaan is a court reporter and according to him, seldom does he saw Mir Sb coming to court in the past two years, only 4-5 times in SC and not a single time in Accountability Court. I loved how he caught him off guard.
Now the whole idea of this ranting is letting everyone know that journalists in our country have become political tools, and some think that they are kingmakers. Mir sb is among the second lot, he usually plays both sides of the pitch against the middle and that’s his modus operandi to be in the limelight.

Hamid Mir Sb claims to have been threatened. The two videos clearly show what he’s up to and how he’s lying through his teeth. IF someone wants to kill you, as the court reporter already mentioned in his video blog, he doesn’t send you threats on twitter or via any medium for that matter. You of all the people should know that, since you have been there, seen that.

You can watch both the videos down below, the order is not important but I would suggest you to watch in the given order to have a heads-up and know beforehand what’s coming your way.


Saddique Jan’s video link:

Breaking Point program’s video link:

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