The Pakistani legend Hassan Ali makes it through a worldwide recognition after immense hard work and hustle. The young pacer made it to the ICC as the ‘Emerging Cricketer of the year’


The end of year 2017 came out pretty fruitful for the 23 year old. He enhanced his gaming tactics to a whole new level especially the great batting as well as bowling trickeries. The player was able to kick off the year by taking 4 more wickets than average bowlers and made it to the top level board.


The player has shown major improvement throughout and is a proving example of more than just one Tournament Wonder. His ODIs record has claimed forty five wickets in 2017 with an average of 17.04

He is also known as the fastest Pakistan player to get on 50 ODI wickets within just 24 matches.

Hassan ended the year with phenomenal bouncer tactics, he picked up 9 wickets, more than normal. Hence made it to the one ranked bowler in the ICC ODI. From 75 place in 2017 the talented Hassan got up to No.1

With such improvements and progress indeed he is one they all fear.


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