HBL reassures it’s customers that there are no cyber attacks on its systems and that its customers’ data remain confidential and safe

With the increase in usage of e-commerce and plastic money (cards), globally as well as in Pakistan, there has also been an increase in the number of incidents or attempts to compromise customers’ financial data. Financial institutions across the globe continue to grapple with these challenges of providing a safe and seamless experience for their customers, and HBL is no exception to this.

In light of recent news with regard to cyber attacks, this is to reassure that HBL and its customers are not affected. All our systems are operating business as usual and there has been no incident to date related to compromise on customer information. Please continue freely and confidently using HBL services and products.

As the leading Bank in Pakistan, HBL works closely with regulators and global payment service providers to safeguard customer information. We have been working diligently to live up to our customers’ confidence and to uphold the trust they repose in us. We have been proactively investing in our systems to ensure safety and security for our customers. We have also undertaken a number of initiatives to regularly inform and educate our customers against fraudulent activity through various media such as SMS, emails, social media, leaflets/brochures and informative messages via our digital assets.

At HBL, our customer’s financial security is our primary concern and the management of HBL reassures all its customers that it is our endevour to continue doing our utmost best to ensure that our systems are geared up to face such challenges and to safeguarded our customers information and data.

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