Customized Mobile Application

 “A customized mobile application to promote healthy trends among school children will be introduced in 12 selected educational institutions during the current week.”

As states the Minister for Health Dr. Yasmin Rashid while speaking to the media outside the Punjab Assembly on Tuesday.

An application has evolved in collaboration with the Education Department and the Policy and Strategic Planning Unit (PSPU).

This is a very useful app which will promote health awareness. The children of today are the building blocks of tomorrow so it is very necessary that their health is a priority.

In the first 6 schools, both the girls and boys will have tests. The tests will be for the eyes, ears, nose, teeth, and skin. The children will also enlighten to the benefits of physical activities which will help them create a stronger immune system.

This app will commence in 12 selected educational institutions in the present week.

This is a very good initiative to lead children towards a better future. All of this, execute in a very good and easy way.


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