The festive season is just here, and people might be planning a visit to a destination celebrate the upcoming festivities. Here are some of the dreamy to step in a completely surreal world.

Frankfurt, Germany

The huge Christmas tree, illuminated with lights, in the city’s center is what makes this destination utterly beautiful in winters.

Grenoble, France

A city surrounded by snow-covered mountains and Alpine forests is a gorgeous destination to enjoy the festive season.

Basel, Switzerland

Being Switzerland’s third biggest city, it has multiple must-see attractions including the Kunstmuseum, the largest public art collection in the country.

Stuttgart, Germany

Stuttgart has some gorgeous wintertime stunners including the Stuttgart Palace, a glorious former hunting lodge commissioned by Duke Carl Eugen von Württemberg .

Edinburgh, Scotland

Scotland’s capital offers a stunning sight of the Edinburgh’s Castle, a fortress that towers over the city on a rock formed by ages of erosion by glaciers.

Bologna, Italy

Home to one of the oldest Christmas markets in Italy, Bologna is a stunning wintertime escape.

Tallinn, Estonia

Tallinn is definitely going to make celebrations beautiful with perfect weekend. Take a tour of the gorgeous Old Town and check out sweet treats and handmade wares from the handicraft market.

Reykjavik, Iceland

Iceland’s much more than Northern Lights; a beautiful capital city has endless experiences for a memorable weekend getaway.

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