According to a new research, an artificial intelligence (AI) system can detect forgeries of drawings with a single brush stroke.

The AI system analyzed 297 digitized sketches and drawings, and 80,000 brush strokes by artists Pablo Picasso, Henri Matisse, Amedeo Modigliani and Egon Schiele to spot a fake with 100% accuracy.

Dutch scientists from Rutgers University and the Atelier for Restoration & Research of Paintings in the Netherlands trained algorithms to study the drawings, differentiate characteristics of brush strokes, and then look at traits unique to a specific artist. The combination yielded absolute results.

The process of learning into drawings is inspired by Maurits Michel Van Dantzig’s study of pictology. Dantzig recommended looking at strokes made by an artist and studying features of art carefully to recognize an artist’s style of drawing and composition. For instance, renaissance painter Leonardo da Vinci often painted his signature curls that experts say were his favorite.

Contrary to pictology in which a human studies paintings, scientists believe that the AI system can provide a stylistic analysis of art in a scientific manner, and it’s much economical than other technical analysis methods.

“A human cannot do that,” Ahmed Elgammal, a professor at Rutgers University and one of the paper’s authors, told MIT Technology Review.

However, the paper used a sample of drawings and sketches that could be very different from studying paintings in which artists merge brush strokes, a style employed by impressionists, as per media reported.

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