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Terms and policies of the Facebook app are a threat to your privacy, but here’s how you can secure your information and private data from third-parties.

The leading social media platform finds itself in a bubble of controversies every now and then. The frequent changes in Facebook mobile app due its rapid changes in terms and policies have caused the platform big time.

First, the prioritization policy not only defamed Facebook but leading e-commerce businesses were badly affected due to it.

After declaring its stance on its newsfeed prioritization policy, Facebook found United Nation’s finger pointing towards it.

The United Nations warned and blamed Facebook for promoting hate speech and ethnic violence in Myanmar.

All about Facebook app and site’s data breach scandal and steps to encounter it:

From last few days, Facebook’s data breach scandal is in talks. The continuous blame, uproar and controversies took another level when the company was found allowing third -party an access 50 million users’ data without their consent.

Cambridge Analytica, a data analytics company shared, harvested and stored the users’ data for President Trump’s campaign.

There’s a way to disable third-party login on the Facebook app by following these three simple steps:

Note: By following these steps you won’t be able to log-in to third-parties like Instagram, Food Panda, Twiter etc. Through your Facebook app login.

1.Go to Settings > Apps

2.Click the Edit button under Apps, Web sites and Plugins

3. Click Disable Platform

Facebook app isn’t the only leading application blamed for violating human rights:

Not only Facebook, bad times are here for teenage-loved Instagram as well. The leading and non-governmental organization for human rights, Amnesty International, declared Twitter as a “toxic” place for women. According to the organization’s latest report, Twitter failed to prove itself as an influential platform. Rather than promoting women’s rights, the application is used to abuse and violate their rights.

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