Here’s why getting a smart tattoo is worth it.


Why keep wearing health tracking devices which rely on batteries or wireless connection when just an ink can do all the wonders?

The batteries in smartwatches are short-lived and the self-powered patch has its own limits. Hence, for that reason, the innovative minds of MIT and Harvard developed smart tattoos that work as health sensors in your skin and work the same way a just like smartwatch works.

The smart tattoo indicates by changing the color of the tattoo whenever some changes occur in your body. The green ink gets intense to let athletes know when they’re dehydrated. The other green ink turns brown to show diabetics that their glucose levels are up.

Moreover, you can have the tattoo as long as you want. Scientist use refinements that last the tattoos on your skin for your desired time.

But raised concerns on would it be okay if you wear a short-sleeved shirt and your tattoo is changing colors showing that your body is dehydrated or your glucose levels are up? would you feel comfortable? If yes, then this is the most enlightening development ever.

and if no. Then well you should stick to the smart devices.

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