BMW releases the pictures of its new small SUV X2 that is going to be launched next year.

The concept of small SUV was first brought up at the Paris Car Show in 2016. It’s “an expression of modern and extrovert vehicle dynamics”, says the BMW’s senior VP Adrian van Hooydonk.

In Britain, its prices start at $45,000 after tax and in the U.S. it will be available in Spring 2018, the prices haven’t disclosed yet.

The BMW press release says, “Despite the suggestion in the name, the X2 is slightly shorter than the X1 and lower, but has the same wheelbase.”

The exotic BMW X2 has three trim levels:  X2, X2 M Sport and X2 M Sport X. The metallic yellow car is the plusher M Sport X and the blue car is the M sport.

See the pictures below:

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