Fairytale weddings are everyone’s dream. Specifically the girls of our society who spend their entire life waiting for their prince Charming to come to her on a galloping horse and marry her themed on a Princess-y wedding and live a happy long life with her. But not everyone is fortunate enough to live this dream.

However, Meghan Markle, the Suits star has that luck which you need to have a Prince Charming crazily waiting for you in his castle. Prince Harry betrothed the beautiful actress Meghan Markle lately and had us all rolling our eyes in jealousy.

The couple is soon to tie the knot and the speculations are that the royal wedding will take place at the earliest this year. This calls for a massive spinster party for Meghan which apparently happened on the 4th of March last week.

According to Times and Dailymail the bachelorette party took place in a luxurious spa by the name of Soho Farmhouse. The website of this farmhouse indicates that it is the perfect destination for a low-key bachelorette party.

The list of the people who were invited to share a moment in her ‘Hen do’ includes mostly the royals from Harry’s family and some of Meghan’s very close friends. This was a strictly private event and hence no pictures have been leaked yet but we already have an idea how grand would it have been and how beautiful Markle must have looked.

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