People usually get upset before a job interview. Thoughts of not making a good impression, demotivation, and over thinking usually ruin the whole game. But to be honest, there are some places where candidates have fun giving the interview.

According to Glassdoor’s new list of 50 best places to interview is showing us another part of the story.

Glassdoor collects all the details about your interview such as how many questions were asked, elaborate the overall interview process, and rate the difficulty level.

It collects information from a candidate who has given the interview at a company with 1,000 or more employees. Companies with at least 50 reviews were considered.

Glassdoor evaluated interview scores that based on positive responses from candidates. The list includes 50 best places but to name a few, the best 5 places are listed below:

5. J Crew

Interview score: 83%

Interview Difficulty (out of 5): 2.0

Interview process duration: 9 days

4. Salesforce

Interview score: 85%

Interview Difficulty (out of 5): 3.3

Interview process duration: 35 days

3. Cadence Design Systems

Interview score: 86%

Interview Difficulty (out of 5): 2.9

Interview process duration: 23 days

2. Horizon Media

Interview score: 91%

Interview Difficulty (out of 5): 2.7

Interview process duration: 17 days

1. Dignity Health

Interview score: 93%

Interview Difficulty (out of 5): 2.7

Interview process duration: 21 days

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