Here’s what Microsoft’s XBOX ONE X has revealed!


Microsoft’s Project Scorpio is the Xbox One X. Before the big E3 event, Microsoft started giving hints by representing the S symbol in the teaser of E3. There’s so much that has been revealed in the event but first thing comes first. The good news for all the game enthusiasts out there is that you can now play all the old games of Xbox One and Xbox 360 on your new Xbox One X console. It means the accessories of old games won’t go obsolete.

Making the new console compatible with the old ones is something Sony wouldn’t try. According to Sony, who would want to play old PlayStation games on their new and upgraded consoles? but Microsoft thinks otherwise.

Microsoft claims that the old-school consoles will have better graphical results on Xbox One X. And there are still many people who would love to play all the three generations of Xbox and hence the older game accessories shouldn’t be obsolete.


Xbox One X, with the graphical power of 6 teraflops that runs at 1172MHz is giving head on competition to Sony’s PS4 Pro that runs at 911MHz with 4.2 teraflops.
Microsoft’s new console comes with an Ultra HD Blu-ray drive for 4K movies along with 1TB of storage.

The Xbox One X is expected to be launched on 7th November. The new console obviously won’t come any cheap. It is also expected to be priced at $499.

Let’s see how many people would want to play old games on their new consoles.




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