The on-going extreme criticism, urged the biggest social media platform to take serious majors.

Facebook is being widely targeted for allowing the spread of fake news which promotes misinformation and distortion of evidences.

Facebook’s head of global politics and government outreach Katie Harbath addressed the condemnation and said that, “Now, we’re as determined as ever to fight the negative influences and ensure that our platform is unquestionably a source for democratic good.”

When asked questioned about what measures will Facebook take to ensure stabilization of democracy, Samidh Chakrabarti; Facebook’s civic engagement chief, said that “far too slow to recognize how bad actors were abusing our platform”. He further added in his blog post that the company is now “working diligently to neutralize these risks.”

Previously, the social media platform was widely being used for promoting hating speeches and violent propaganda. Chakrabarti says that Facebook realized how it’s being used for the spread of negative content and is currently struggling to minimize any hate content. “Policing this content on a global scale is an open research problem since it is hard for machines to understand the cultural nuances of political intimidation,” he said.

We believe that statements from Facebook were much needed to encounter the current blame game and re-gain trust of its user who seemed to be in a state of utter confusion.

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