Karachi being a metropolitan city is comparatively modern with its spacious roads, huge shopping arenas, amusement parks, gaming lounges, clubs and cafes. When it comes to historical sites, Karachi is not behind any city either. It has numerous buildings dating back to the 18th century, that have absorbed heaps of historical information in their foundation stone.

Here are the five mesmerizing historical sites of Karachi you need to visit with your family.

1- Mohatta Palace

Located in Clifton, Mohatta Palace radiates royal vibes with its regal structure which never fails to mesmerize anyone who passes by.

Breathtaking view of Mohatta Palace, khi.

Built in the early 90s, this place served as the residence of Mohtarma Fatima Jinnah, after partition.

2- Quaid e Azam House:

Beautiful residency of Quaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah in Karachi.

The spectacularly built house of the founder of Pakistan; Muhammad Ali Jinnah, is an attraction for anyone who has a thing for history and historical buildings.

3-Frere Hall

The ceiling painted majestically by Sadequain gives a tough time to the Sistene Chapel painted by Micelangello. There’s a library at ground floor which has about 4000 books.

4- The Historical Empress Market

Inaugurated in 1889, this glorious market was built to sell household products and remains one of the busiest markets in Karachi till date. This one’s located in Saddar and belongs to the British Raj era.

5- Jehangir Kothari

This historical site belonged to a resident of Karachi, Mr. Jehangir H Kothari who later gifted it to the municipality. While visiting the seashore, this site welcomes you along the coast.

We know you’re already drooling over the above mentioned historical sites. hurry up and satisfy your inner history geek by visiting them.

Ps. Mohatta Palace and Quaid e Azam house costs you Rs=30 for entrance and rest of the sites are free to visit.


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