The Motor Show in Geneva which will be held from 8 to 18th march is the biggest European event in the car industry that happens every year. Carmakers from all around the world, the giants in the industry specifically, reveal their best and the most innovative products in this event. This year again, the participant companies will present their world-class car models to steal all the attention and limelight during these ten days of March.

Companies as big as Jaguar and Mercedes have confirmed they’re being there at this show.

Some of the cars that are to appear in this show are;

1. Jaguar Pace 1

Source: The week

This car has already made quite a number of experiences earlier last year, but this time around this electric vehicle is due to appear in production form. It is powered by total four electric motors which let it drive from 0 to 6 mph in a skip of a beat.

2. Mclaren Senna

This beast of a car was unveiled at a private launch event held by the company in October 2017. Where only a few people were fortunate enough to set their eyes on this imposing sight. Now the car is ready to make its public appearance in the 88th Geneva Motor Show.

3. Mercedes Maybach S Class

This revamped version of Maybach has taken inspiration from the company’s Vision 6 concept. It is also equipped with a new vertically strutted radiate or grille which is meant to look like a pinstriped suit, as stated by Auto Express.

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