The next time you sit down to watch a movie, the broadcasting algorithm behind the service can recommend that the film was written by AI, conducted by a robot and animated and interpreted by the deep learning algorithm. An AI algorithm can read scripts and suggest studios to purchase rights.

It is easy to think that technology such as robots, algorithms and movie industry will make way for access to factories and representative workers for customer service and claim that the art film is still in its infancy. For the film industry, the same thing is not done – artificial intelligence seems to make Hollywood’s creative ideas better than smashing it.

It is true that some tasks and tasks become obsolete because computers can do well. There is no need for a mattress effect image and it is good in the background. The industry is now calling upon engineers who are skilled at teaching deep-thinking algorithms to do the world’s work, such as manual gloss or digital creation, as realistic. Darren Handler, who manages the digital domain, has spent less time in hacking computers that have been thoroughly modified in the frames.

As the computer does, cartoons do not need to draw any frames manually, complex algorithms can have a greater effect than the visual effects. In any case, the movement did not lose their job.

Händler said, “We find that many job management is becoming an easy target for automation.

“I think you see lots of things that are easy and easy for players to play their hero choices,” he added. You will see where the performers perform their performances before the other characters that characters will be raised later. ”

“We believe that many of the tips that work to survive are an easy target for [automation], where we can have a very fast system,” he said. More Innovation. ”

Hendler and his team recently used artificial intelligence and intricate programming to turn Josh Brolin into the Thanos for the Avengers: Infinity War. In particular, they used a trained algorithm on AI high-resolution scanning of the Brolin ’s face to monitor his display down to individual wrinkles, then use another algorithm to automatically mapping the face renders onto Thanos body before animators go to make finishing touch.

This process offers the best capture of the two worlds – the high visual visibility obtained by configuring complex cameras and other performances are possible by allowing actors to perform surrounded by their costars, instead of in front of the green screen. And even with the recognition and technology change that will usually take weeks algorithms, digital machine learning domains can do it in real-time, enabling them to create something like digital lenses of Brolin.

“When Josh Brolin came for the first day, he could see what his character was about how his performance would look like, ‘’says Hendler.

Yes, these algorithms can perform tasks that require a special group of people quickly. But when used effectively, they can help you to show off the best performances, visibility, and visual effects that can be done today. And even the highest levels (read: expensive), the algorithm may be set to a major Disney movie right now, a day-to-day debugger that will become a habit.

He said, “I think it’s going to be very widespread.” “I think the complex part is his way of thinking and his approach, people just wondering how to go to work. However, as people become more familiar with training machines, moving their plans for They resolve to think that it is only logical that more and more appearing of the software of artificial intelligence in the movie Of this.

“[Machine Training] is not yet widely accepted because the leader does not really understand it,” said Hendler. “But start to see the elements of learning and learning deep-seating in a particular area. This is something new and so different from what we did in the past. ”

But many of these apps have already appeared. Last January, Kristen Stewart (yes, that one) directed a short film and collaborated with an Adobe engineer to develop a new kind of neural network, its plan was to edit the video to make it look To such an Impressionist Stewart paint.

Your price adjustment allows groups to change how many movies are similar to Impressionist. Credit Image: 2017 Starlight Studios LLC and Kristen Stewart

At the same time, Disney has created robotics that can have high gonads in the air, so they can be modified later (probably from AI), to look like their performance. They are doubled and dangerous. Now, these characters are easy to hold and focus on the less hazardous part of their work.

Artificial Art may pass beyond the pages of the performance and editing of the film process – it can soon be judged whether or not a film is made in the first place. The Belgian AI Company called the Scriptbook, developed an algorithm that the company claims could only predict whether the film would be commercially successful by analyzing the script according to Variety.

Usually, the scope of the script is managed by a production house or agency’s hierarchy of executive assistants and interns, which do not need to be paid under California law. To prove the value of $ 5,000, expenditure over sometimes jobless human labor, Scriptbook says that his algorithm is better than estimating the success of ticket sales three times more than human readers. The company also said it would recommend Sony Pictures to not make the most out of the box office in the last three years, which will save millions of dollars in the Production company.

Scriptbook still does not disclose about its technology and the limitations of the algorithm. But Variety argues that AI-system can predict MPAA ranking (R, PG-13, something like that) to determine what characters and feelings are expressed and predictive of the target audience of the script. He can also determine which films will undergo a “Bechdel” test, the minimum standard for women’s performance in the media. The algorithm can also determine whether the movie will have a variety of characters, although it is worth noting that many scripts do not specify the race of this character, and later in this process may appear Stain.

People’s scenarios can do all of this. Handwriting often includes detailed breakdowns and recommendations on whether a home should follow a particular scenario based on its logo and audience. Considering how artificial intelligence conflicts with emotional communication, it is unlikely that Scriptbook can provide the same level of overall analysis possible. But to be accurate, the Script book gives the difference that their system can be used to help readers rather than replace them.

Getting help from algorithms can help people cover cold and robust data before recommending a script. Though it may seem that it takes a lot of creative solutions for manual decision making, such as a Scriptbook can help a studio home to make better financial choices – and it will be Holy to assume there is a time when they are not motivated primarily by the bottom line.

Hollywood’s automated future is not something to remove people from this framework (for example, if you have the power that does not want to do it). On the contrary, Hendler predicts the future that creative people will continue to innovate while working together with the retention engine, which will make their work simpler and less religious.

“We still know how we can carry out machine training to all kinds of problems,” said Hendler. “We will see tremendous growth at a faster pace in the next two, three years in many of the things we do to impact Of spectacle, and we hope quality improvement is also available.”


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