The previous Note release had been a controversy due to its battery issues. With the latest Note 8, questions roam around whether or not 3300mAh is an appropriate capacity for a phone this large.

Most of the users on AndroidCentral forum seem happy so far with what they have got. Well, that is a good sign!

Coming from a Note 5, my Note 8 battery life is far superior. Actually makes me think my N5 had a failed battery from the beginning. It was my first android phone so I didn’t know any different but I rarely got over 2 hours SOT. Note 8 easily gets 4 and last well through the day for me.

Others tell they were able to use two days of (admittedly light) usage before putting on charge.

Two full days and it’s just now about to go on the charger.

And some aren’t seeing large numbers, but are still getting a full day with a little to save.

I’ve been getting around 16 hours or so.

So, how’s your Note 8’s battery life been?

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