Huawei started with an Android Go bandwagon in 2018. The launch was with Huawei Y3 2018 Android Go edition. The company didn’t settle with just one phone. Recently Huawei came up with another Android Go, within the Y series, again. This series is more affordable as compared to other smartphones of the same company. And the lightweight is constant in Huawei Y5 Lite Android Go version as well.


The phone’s attraction is not it’s extraordinary specifications and features. In fact, it relies mainly on the price with basic designs and features of a smartphone. Another major attraction for Huawei Y5 Lite Android Go is its long-lasting battery which is 3,020mAh under regular charging. The long-lasting battery is another issue and needs for the society where there is extreme use of the phone. With the Y series. Huawei focused on this side of the phone.


Huawei Y5 comes up with 5.45-inch 1440 x 720 screen featured with MediaTek  MT6739 quad-core processor. The Android version is Oreo, competitive with other versions.

Moreover, Huawei provided its Y5 Lite Android Go with basic 1GB RAM and 16GB Storage. These features are not the main attraction of the smartphone, as already mentioned. The actual smartness of Y5 Lite lies in the price and the long-lasting battery.

Furthermore, it has an 8MP rear camera and 5MP front. Black and Blue are the colors available and at the present, these phones are only available the in Philippines and Pakistan. Huawei is a phone of class and almost all the devices they offer requires a big amount. But here, with Y5 Lite Android Go, Huawei aims to capture the other side of the market as well. And the hopes are high that more of this Y series will be released for the further market share too.

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