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Huawei, the technology-driven smartphone brand is coming up with the mind-blowing smartphone

Huawei just released it’s ‘super-powered’ smartphone, Huawei P20 PRO, and is now ready to amaze the technology world with its foldable smartphone.


Huawei is all set to rule the technology world with its foldable smartphone:

After introducing its brand new smartphone, Huawei P20 PRO, the makers believed that this smartphone “will soon become world’s best selling smartphone”. But with their foldable phone idea, they are set to rule and revolutionize the technology world.

In the urge of bringing innovation in its smartphones, Huawei is constantly throwing innovate smartphones in the market.

And by this patent, it looks like Huawei will be the first smartphone making company to introduce foldable smartphones.

source: LetsGoDigital


The patent was revealed by LetsGoDigital, a Dutch publication who had previously uncovered ideas of Samsung’s foldable phone as well.

The three smartphone making companies will fight to win the foldable smartphone race:

Huawei isn’t the only smartphone company trying to revolutionize the technology world. The two tech-giants and Huawei toughest competitors, Apple and Samsung have shown similar signals as well.

When it comes to ‘throw rumours and create anticipation’, no one can beat the iOS giant. Apple just released its much-awaited iOS update 11.3 but from last few days, rumours have been popping up about the foldable smartphone by Apple.

The rumour came from the Merill Lynch analyst named Wamsi Mohan from Bank of America. Mohan believes that the company is trying new experiments and will launch its Apple’s foldable smartphone in 2020.

Similar, rumours came flying from CES 2018, where Samsung, the android giant,  displayed its foldable smartphone in a private meeting. Rumours had it that Samsung’s foldable smartphone will be called Samsung Galaxy X.

This looks like these three smartphone giants will fight for the title of introducing the ‘first foldable smartphone.’

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