Internet is an unbelievable platform which has just the right ingredients to make you a celebrity overnight. ‘Internet Fame’, what we call it, has those special magical powers to make a cobbler sitting on that pavement next to your house  an instant star, owning a house double the price of yours. Like Priya Prakash Varrier, the next door girl, who became the talk of the town because of her video.

‘Internet fame’ comes like an earthquake and shakes up one’s world without any prior warning. You can transcend from your current state of living to a different kind of life like Priya if you got lucky enough to bag fame by a single action. But is that really what you want?

With the increased advancement of social media, becoming famous on internet is very easy but it is not all that gold. There is a dark side to it too. It’s hollow; It is like a bag of snacks filled with air and only a few pieces of the real substance. You will only realize it when you open the bag.  

The power of internet fame is such that it can make mainstream media follow the news which has gone viral on its platform. For instance, the recent viral video of the ‘winking girl’ AKA Priya Prakash Varrier spread like a wildfire in an Australian Forest. Her 28 seconds video got so viral that it trended # 1 on Youtube for over a week. Within just a day of her video going viral, she became a star on Instagram beating the record of many established celebrities. Her instant fame ranked her number 3rd on Instagram after Kylie Jenner and Cristiano Ronaldo with 60k followers, which she got overnight.

Now ask yourself this question. Is that all what must have happened? Fame, money, happiness. Happy ending? No! This is not just the complete story. Keeping aside the protest of a bunch of people over the lyrics of the song played in background of the video, we are talking about the amount of trolls, haters and intruders of her privacy she must have been dealing with.

Okay we do realize that haters and trolls are everywhere. But, it’s not easy to prevent these things from targeting you when you receive overnight fame. You get to deal with a parade of crazy people who drop disturbing things into your inbox and make absolutely unethical and weird memes out of your videos or pictures. This eventually affects you and your family in one way or the other. And the worst part is that internet fame is not here to stay. It is temporary. One day someone else with a better reason or context will be ten times more viral than you and divert all the attention towards him leaving you unnoticed.

That’s when you realize that the bag of snacks with only a handful of chips which you opened earlier was not worth all the excitement.

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