Fingerprint Recognition Technology

Hyundai has made an announcement, that it will soon have a fingerprint recognition technology. It will allow drivers to unlock their cars and it will also help in starting their vehicles.

The first and foremost car to get the Hyundai fingerprint scanner and will be the upcoming 2019 Hyundai Santa Fe. This car will most likely be launched and find itself on a range of vehicles in the coming few years.

Secure and effective fingerprint scanning technology is found on a number of Android phones and IOS as well. It will not be surprising if the next generation Hyundai i20 or an even smaller and economical car will have this technology. In fact, Hyundai India should seriously consider this for the likes of the upcoming subcompact sub-4-meter SUV, codenamed QXi, that it will be launching in India next year.


How Does It Work?

This scanner will be on the exterior door handle that the driver will be able to use. So that, the user can gain access to the car, to simply, open the car. The start button itself will also have another fingerprint scanner. It will be to confirm the driver’s presence and furthermore, start the car for them. The scanner is used to transfer the information to the fingerprint controller. That is installed in the car, which commands the car to unlock it or to start it.

The fingerprint scanner will also be used to do customization of the car’s settings accordingly to each individual user.

The settings are such as the seat position and steering position, infotainment setup, climate control, and many other functions as well. Even the inbuilt ambient lighting that would be the personal selection of the user. It will be automatically programmed in as soon as that particular person uses their fingerprint to unlock the car.



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