IBM Security in collaboration with non-profit research organization Packet Clearing House (PCH) and The Global Cyber Alliance (GCA) on Thursday introduced a free of cost service to provide consumers and businesses extra privacy and security protection.

The all-new “Quad9 Domain Name System” (DNS) service will secure users from accessing millions of malicious Internet sites known to steal personal information, infect users with ransomware and malware, or conduct fraudulent activity.

“With Quad9, we’re putting that data to work for the industry in an open way and further enriching those insights via the community of users,” said Jim Brennan, Vice President, Strategy and Offering Management, IBM Security.

“Quad9” will provide an automated security solution.

Each website has a unique numerical address – known as an IP address.

To make it convenient to navigate the Internet, those numeric addresses are interpreted to company names or words we can memorize, understand and search.

“Quad9” helps decode those numeric addresses into the well-known and familiar URLs while adding a layer of security and privacy before users land on the web address.

Notably, protecting against attacks by blocking them through DNS has been available for a long time, but has not been used widely.

“Quad9 is memorable, easy to use, relies on excellent and broad threat information, protects privacy, and security and is free,” added Philip Reitinger, President, and CEO of The Global Cyber Alliance.

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