IBM finds a solution to a hectic job of updates regarding your health. You can focus on health along with a proper checkup and diagnosis of diseases. They have developed a tiny fingernail sensor. This not only just detects a person’s strength of gripping objects but also highlights their health and cognitive abilities through its Artificial Intelligence (AI).IBM’s fingernail sensor helps in diagnosis of different diseases.

Here people wear a device on their fingernail and that detects what task is performed after holding an object. Furthermore, it sends signals and relevant data to the smartwatch which further performs its duty of analysis and detects if there’s an issue or not.

Parkinson’s Disease’s Role:

The sensor was tested with a specific disease. Parkinson’s Disease was the topic of this research. IBM aimed to diagnose other diseases as well but successfully worked on Parkinson’s.

The team worked on AI specifically. It’s not just for the users to detect the diseases but for assisting clinicians too. The fingernail measures the movements and bending of fingers to get an image of the grip. The alternate of diagnosing Parkinson’s previously had different aspects but since the disease is mostly observed in old age individuals, and skin based sensors might cause them infections, for them this fingernail diagnosis suits the best.

The nails are hard and not sensible, IBM believes working on them is better. Daily basis and other finger’s movements become the system’s training base. It consists of strain gauges that serve as the data collector and passes further as mentioned above.

The date for the announcement of its practical usage is due. IBM is working on other diseases as well. And hopes are that after recognition of certain diseases, it will be available for the people.


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